Client Reviews

Anthony C.

Where to begin? Most people will go through their life thinking that they will never need a lawyer, and then the day comes where they do. Sadly, this usually results in a mad dash to find a suitable attorney, but people usually pick legal counsel based on the wrong criteria. However, I happened to get lucky. I was introduced to Nina Korkis to handle a business legal issue for me, and I can honestly say that she is amazing. Im 100% sure that had I retained her counsel prior to the issue, I would have never had the issue in the first place. Since then, I have not hesitated to call her for other matters. She is smart, legally well versed, organized, and actually willing to talk to you like a person. I always feel l am getting the best representation with her, and I will continue to use her services in the future.

Eddie K.

Korkis Law is the only legal team I need. Nina is a professional. She takes her job seriously and gets results. You won’t regret using her!

Neville N.

Nina is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and accessible to her clients. She communicates timely, and keeps all parties updated on status and changes as they occur. I was extremely pleased with her services and have used her in a variety of matters and each time we were victorious. Would definitely use her services again and recommend her highly for any business dispute matters.